Trylo Flex Review: Ultimate Muscle Gain or Ultimate SCAM?

I have been looking for a quality supplement for ultimate muscle gain to help me improve my every day workouts and came upon Trylo Flex. I have reviewed a number of supplements already in the past which unfortunately I have found less than satisfactory and have nearly lost all hope in finding something that is even close to quality. As it turns out most of the supplements on the market today are actually more scams than effective natural boosters to help improve your performance in the gym. I am nearing my 30’s and see a drastic difference in my workouts from when I initially started working out when I was 19 years old. It was about a year ago when I noticed that some of the guys were using supplements to help improve their workouts but what I also noticed was that they did not stick to one supplement as they could never find one that is truly effective. This is why I started looking for a supplement that I can start taking and continue using for its quality and effectiveness and hopefully share my experience with everyone else in the process so as to help give them some guidance into finding a supplement suitable for them as well.


What is Trylo Flex as per the Official Website

Well, of course, the official website has plenty of great things to say about their product. One thing I did notice is their lack of information that gave real substantial guidance as to how this product works, the ingredients in it, and in general what to expect in reality. Their lack of information in general has already put some doubts in my head but you never know.

What they promise is that this supplement will help increase your strength and improve your endurance in the gym. It is also sold to help boost metabolism and maximize your flex power all the while detoxifying your body. This sounds fantastic, only if it was provable.

The Trylo Flex Formula

Well, they do go into details about the formula as far as to say that it is for intense workouts with insane results. It is developed with the help of precise engineering and using the highest purity ingredients. The special formula was developed by working together with some of the leading medical and fitness experts which has resulted in a proprietary combination that can increase power, boost endurance, sustain recovery, and create unsurpassed strength. It will help energize the body and its abilities to work out longer and push yourself further cutting time at the gym. Your recovery will be boosted substantially and your muscle renewal process will be impressive. The results are a stronger, healthier, and better looking body in half the time it would take without the supplement.

This muscle enhancing supplement is formulated to boost some of the key hormone which are known to stimulate muscle growth, production of cells, and regeneration of cells all the while helping improve recovery time.

Benefits of Taking Trylo Flex

Though they go through their list of benefits several times throughout the website they have a specific list that is slightly more detailed than the rest. The benefits listed are more than impressive and I think that if this supplement is really effective it could really be the answer to my questions.



  • Increase HGH Production Naturally
  • Delivery of Oxygen to the Max
  • Promote Deep Sleep Rest
  • Aids in the Regulation of the Immune System
  • Helps Heal and Repair Damaged Tissue
  • Enhance Nutrient Uptake

Who is Trylo-Flex For?

Well, honestly, it certainly is not for someone who wants to get fit while sitting on the couch eating chips, obviously. It is basically for anyone that is determined and active. Basically anyone that is serious about getting fit and building muscle mass, spends time at the gym, and eats healthy. It is developed for anyone looking to build muscles faster and get the wanted results in less time and exertion than it would be necessary.


Pros and Cons of taking Trylo Flex

So, of course, as with all other supplements there are plenty of pros and cons. I have come to realize that in most cases the cons list is much longer than the pros, in this case though I was actually quite surprised that the list is more evened out.


  • Natural supplement
  • Cuts recovery time and offers real results (as per the official website)
  • Easy to take capsules
  • No schedules or specially required diets (except for the standard healthy diet that goes with your workout)


  • Little information on ingredients and way it works in website
  • Available only in New Zealand and Australia
  • Available only through Free Trial (will go further into this later)
  • Rather expensive

How and Where to Buy Trylo Flex

Here we come to the point where unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed in the supplement. I honestly was ready to order it right off the bat to try it out but I have seen these free trial offers way too often and am steering clear of them. The supplement itself looks very promising but I am worried by the actual Terms and Conditions.

You can purchase it only through the official website, it is not available anywhere else online or in stores. The only way to purchase it through the official website is through their “Free” trial offer which ships you 30 day supply of the supplement and charges you only the low price of $6.73 for shipping and handling. Unfortunately though, they don’t openly share that this is only for 16 days from the day you order and then your trial expires. This information is available, but only in small font at the bottom of the purchase page and in their terms and conditions. Once you have ordered you have 16 days to try the supplement and them before the trial expires you must call and cancel or else you are enrolled in their auto-ship program. This means that if you do not call and cancel you are not only charged the full price for the 30 day supply of $108.91 but you will continue to receive a new 30 day supply every month at the price of $108.91 plus $6.73 shipping and handling until you call and cancel.


Reviews and Comments from Customers

There was no lack of information about the product online. Numerous reviews and plenty of comments littered the internet. I used the word littered as in fact many of them were obvious paid reviews, some from the competition and some from the manufacturer. It is pretty obvious when you have come upon a review written for advertisement or the opposite, for advertising a different product. With that said, I did find some honest comments which give real opinions of the product from real experience.

Though there were several negative comments I did notice that the main complaint is that of their Free Trial. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the customer service or the quality of the product but rather the fact that many did not know the details of the trial and felt like they were scammed when they were charged the full price of the product once the trial was over. In all honesty, I feel that this is the fault of the buyer rather than the seller as it is absolutely essential to always read what you agree to. Communication with the company as it turns out was actually pretty good and they were able to work out the issue with them once they realized they were charged. Unfortunately though, most of their negative reviews touched up on this.

I did also find several positive reviews which looked honest, as it is easy to pinpoint which are just paid reviews, and was surprised that they did mention that they did get positive results. Though they do note that they are not as impressive as the official website initially describes the results to be, but they did see a positive result in their workout, endurance, and in general their efforts at the gym. I have noticed that websites like these overexaggerate the benefits of their products in order for them to sell faster, which leads to disappointment. This, however, does not mean the product is ineffective, it just takes longer to take effect or perhaps the effects are not as drastic.

My Experience with Trylo Flex

Well, after reading that communication with customer service was satisfactory even though most were not happy with the free trial offer, I decided to order. I would not order a full bottle as honestly, I do feel that this price is a bit high for this product, but I am willing to try it for the 16 days that I am given.

I received it about 4 days after I had initially ordered it and started taking it immediately as my postal service passes early in the morning. I took the supplement and headed to the gym. I can’t say that from this first day I had any results but I do feel that I had more energy, like I had drank a big coffee before heading to the gym. I spent about 15 minutes more at the gym than I usually do as I did not feel as tired yet. This was the initial results. The days that followed my experience gradually improved.

I usually go to the gym 3 times a week but once I started taking the supplement I felt like I had the energy to go more often and actually didn’t skip a day at the gym until about the 4th day when I simply couldn’t go. Of course, I had no real results in the mirror for such a short time but I do feel that energy-wise I was definitely up there.

I was very worried that I would have sleep problems from taking the supplement as it is developed to give energy. I usually go to bed at about 10 pm on weekdays as I work early and I actually had no issues with going to sleep. The only thing I did experience was slight stomach upset which I think is due to my generally weak stomach which reacts easily with new substances.

By the 14th day I was actually feeling fantastic and could go from one set to the other with limited breaks as I did not feel as wasted as had in the past. I can’t say these are drastic changes or that I couldn’t do without the supplement, as honestly, I do not have that kind of money to spare every month, but what I can say is that I feel that it really did have a positive effect on my body.

I decided on the 15th day to call and cancel my order as I did not want to be charged for the full month supply. Got a quick answer to my call. Once I told them that I wanted to cancel they kept me on the line for about a half hour trying to convince me to continue taking the supplement even offering discounts but I had my mind set to continue my search for an affordable option. Once that was settled I was provided with the information on returning the rest of the month’s supply and honestly have not heard from them since them except from the occasional email.

In Conclusion…

I do feel that if taken for a longer period of time this supplement will be effective in providing not only the energy but the physical image that you are looking for. I did not take it long enough to see actual physical results but I did see a change in the way I worked out, I felt less tired, and was happy with the way my body responded. I cannot say that I am happy with the price though and if perhaps they would drop it and allow you to simply purchase a bottle rather than use the old “free” trial and then scam you into paying absurd amounts of money they would have a lot more success with their customers. I do feel that Trylo Flex could be effective though when taken for longer and used properly.


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