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I have read many reviews and am currently testing out the Ripped Muscle X and aside from the occasion problem falling asleep most likely due to the caffeine

My Ripped Muscle X Review

Being a competitive athlete I am constantly looking for ways to get that extra push to put me ahead of the competition. As I get older, I’m in my mid 30’s, I realize that the young guys coming in are either in their late teens or their early 20’s making it even harder for me to keep up. As a result I have taken it upon myself to find the most effective supplement to allow me to always be one step ahead. Ripped Muscle X has popped up several times in my searches. Formulated by Force Factor this supplement promises to keep me at level with even the youngest and most athletic competitors with its breakthroughs in science. With promises like that I couldn’t help myself and had to test it out. I have put down my full experience below including plenty of detailed information on what it is, how it works, what ingredients are in it, if there are any side effects, and much more useful information that I have personally researched.

Please Note: I am currently in the process of testing out Ripped Muscle X. My official review of my experience and findings will be posted once I have completed testing it.



What is Ripped Muscle X?

Ingredients in Ripped Muscle X

What Sets Ripped Muscle X, Original, and Alpha Apaprt

Possible Side Effects
Real Reviews I Have Found
How and Where to Buy

Pros and Cons


What is Ripped Muscle X?

The all natural dietary supplement Ripped Muscle X is developed to not only help you build muscle and burn fat but also boost performance, libido, and sex drive. This is achieved through the 2 part proprietary blend of ingredients. The first part of the proprietary blend is their Manliness Ignition Matrix which consists of Horny Goat Weed, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Avena Sativa, and Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract. I can actually personally attest to the effectiveness of these ingredients and am certain many others would as well as they are widely used in a variety of performance enhancing supplements.

The second part of the proprietary blend is the Fat Incineration Complex made up of some of the leading fat fighting ingredients including Green Tea Leaf Extract, Green Coffee Extract, White Tea Extract and Caffeine giving you the extra boost in energy.

Since Ripped Muscle X works naturally with your body making it a slow acting supplement you will be able to see the best results after approximately a month or slightly more. For the best results it is recommended you take 4 capsules a day: 2 with breakfast and 2 before working out on days you workout, for your “off” days take 2 at breakfast and 2 more with your lunch.


Detailed Ingredient Information in Ripped Muscle X

Having not one but two proprietary blends this supplement is packed with ingredients. Taking a closer look at each ingredient will help you better understand how it will help you in your performance, how they work, and if there are any possible side effects.

  • Testofen Fenugreek – Widely used in traditional medicine of numerous cultures his herb can be steeped into a tea or eaten. Cultures that have used Fenugreek in their traditional medicine have applied it primarily to increase libido and vitality in men. This theory has actually been supported with a lot of anecdotal evidence. Modern research in fact has demonstrated that Fenugreek does have the ability to increase free testosterone. Testofen Fenogreek is actually one of the highest quality Fenugreek brand containing 50% fenusides (key compound for results) by weight.
  • Avena Sativa – Minus the fancy name this is actually the common oat. Nothing more than what cereal and oatmeal are made of. Sounds simple however it does have some great benefits. Oats are regularly used to treat numerous blood-flow related conditions which has made them a great addition to numerous supplements. Possible Side Effects: according to WebMD they could cause nervousness, nausea, and sleep disturbances.
  • Green Tea Extract – In Ripped Muscle X there are two different forms of this ingredient one in each of the blends. The first blend contains standardized to 95% polyphenols Green Tea Extract. This substance is actually known to be a very powerful antioxidant that works to reduce free radical damage thus fighting a number of disease including cancer and heart disease. Personally thought, aside from just making the supplement look better with this ingredient I seen no real benefit they lend to this supplement though it certainly it does no harm as it will improve your general health. The second form of extract in the other blend is the standardized for 45% of EGCG which is another powerful antioxidant. In addition to its overall health benefits it has shown in test tube studies that it can be a powerful fat-burner as well.
  • Horny Goat Weed – This is another popular traditional herb that has made its way to modern supplements. I think the name not-so-delicately suggests its use although its correct and scientific name is Epidemium. It is confirmed through time and animal studies that this libido booster is known to increase testosterone levels in men.
  • White Tea Extract – It is not widely known that green tea and white tea actually come from one plant. The difference comes from the way the plant is processed. White Tea is actually as close to its natural form as possible as it is simply dried and shipped. White tea usually consists of buds and young leaves in contrast to other varieties thus preserving many of the natural substances and benefits in the plant that are usually destroyed with other teas such as green, black, and oolong. Few people know that it has been researched that white tea is more effective than green tea in helping with weight loss as it reduces already existing fat cells and increases metabolism.
  • Caffeine – Everyone knows the benefits of caffeine as it is a popular stimulant giving you plenty of added energy. Also, it has shown to be an effective appetite suppressant.
  • Green Coffee Extract – This ingredient was initially popularized by Dr. Oz a few years ago and this previously unheard of ingredient has become one of the biggest hits in weight loss. Though nearly identical to regular coffee it actually has significantly higher concentration of chlorogenic acid. With numerous studies done on this substance it has shown real potential in being the new it ingredient. It is important to use caution though as some experts believe that the benefits of the ingredient have been exaggerated and a lot of the known research has been funded by producers of the ingredient.


What Sets Ripped Muscle X, Original, and Alpha Appart

There are several important differences between Ripped Muscle X Original and the newly developed Ripped Muscle X. The newly improved supplement contains a number of brand new ingredients that the original supplement lacked. Force Factor has also eliminated a number of ingredients from the original supplement including Tribulus Terrestris and Ginseng. As many people were looking for that extra energy boost they have also included Caffeine which was not in the original.

Considering the improvement Ripped Muscle X is slightly more expensive at about $80 per bottle for a 30 day supply. If you were satisfied with the original and would like to continue taking it you will find it at GNC and Amazon.

What is Ripped Muscle X?

Force Factor has developed a supplement called Alpha in addition to the other versions of the popular Ripped Muscle X formula. The main and most important difference between Alpha and Ignite is that Ignite helps your metabolism work faster and more effective. It contains several additional fat burning ingredients such as caffeine which are not in the Alpha formula. Pricewise the difference is that Alpha is more expensive than Ignite coming at about $140 for a bottle with 120 pills. In general, if you are looking to have the added benefit of burning fat go with Ignite while if you are looking to gain muscle mass and strength go for Alpha.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

It is important to understand that whatever supplement you take there is always a risk of adverse reactions and side effects. This goes for Ripped Muscle X as well. I have not had any side effects and there were very few in the forums and reviews I’ve researched. Some of the possible side effects I have found were development of acne on face and body while others reported extreme moodswings. I have not experienced these side effects and reading further into it they are very rare. One way to be on the safe side would be to simply try and take Ripped Muscle X earlier in the day.

 Real Reviews I’ve Found

As with any other supplement there are mixed results when I decided to check out some reviews online. Some claim that they are very satisfied with the supplement as they saw great results to their performance both in the gym and in bed while others claimed they experienced little-to-no real effects or change. Regardless how you look at it though it is actually perfectly understandable as this happens with nearly all supplements I have looked into as specific substances and ingredients have a different affect from person to person.

One thing that I found interesting was actually that many of the negative reviews weren’t towards Ripped Muscle X and its effects but rather the company. Their leading complaint being that some of the customers had a hard time getting out of their auto-ship program. This, of course, can easily by avoided by purchasing the product from somewhere else instead or simply not enrolling in the auto-ship program.


Where and How to Buy Ripped Muscle X

Ripped Muscle X can be purchased on their official website or if you don’t want to order online you can purchase it at your local GNC. I decided to inquire about it in my local GNC store knowing they know me pretty well there by now and will be honest, and the rep there said that most of the guys that have purchased Ripped Muscle X usually buy again and are happy with the results.

I have also seen it sold on Amazon for as low as $46 plus shipping which is a great deal.

Results from My Experience

Still in process! Will post as soon as I complete my trial.


  • Energy Booster
  • Reduces Recovery Time
  • Build Muscles
  • Small Easy to Take Capsules
  • High Success Rate with Users
  • Developed by Reputable Company


  • Developed for Men Only
  • Somewhat expensive at $80 a bottle on average
  • Some reports of Acne side effect (caused by increased hormones which is typical)


Though this is my first time reviewing and testing Ripped Muscle X I have personally tested and used a number of the products developed by Force Factor and can attest for their effectiveness and safety. I have yet to find another company that knows exactly what men need and how to develop it into an effective supplement and Ripped Muscle X is a perfect example of that. I think this supplement is the ideal choice for anyone looking to bring back the energy both in the gym and in bed they had in their 20’s all the while burning fat and lean muscle builder. I will have my official review and the Ripped Muscle X Test Results shortly completing my review.

Have you Tried Ripped Muscle X? Please Share your Experience Below!

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