Raging Lion

So, my cousin comes to me the other day very serious with a problem he has been dealing with for some time and presents me a possible solution, Raging Lion. I have been doing reviews for various male enhancement supplements for quite some time, but mainly regarding improving physique rather than performance in the bedroom. Knowing my experience though he came to me asking if it is safe to take the supplement and whether it will help improve his performance in the bedroom.

I have seen numerous similar supplements as they have flooded the internet recently, just like with supplements improving performance in the gym. Unfortunately, many men, just like my cousin, are getting helpless as they rummage through this mess of offers and in the end turn to depression rather than a solution. Products like this one, especially those that simply don’t deliver, do nothing more than make the whole situation even worse. This is why I decided to put together this quick review of what I found in order to help him and anyone else out there searching for a solution.


About Raging Lion

The website is very flashy and of course the name definitely catches your attention. You immediately know the benefits which you may expect from the product the moment you click on the link. They make claims of more satisfying sex, intense orgasms, longer and better erections, and in general more stamina so you last longer in the bedroom. They are all great benefits and if the product delivers many men would be all the more happier in the bedroom. Of course, they do come with a warning which is noted at the bottom of the website.

This and all other supplements are not regulated or approved by the FDA. This shouldn’t be a turnoff but you definitely need to be aware that this is not a medication or a guaranteed product to give you results. This is also why they note that results may vary as many of the natural ingredients used in this and other similar products are still currently being researched.

They continue with the various problems man have when it comes to their performance in the bedroom. Of course, noting that if you experience these problems the product is for you. Problems like inability to satisfy partner (very broad as this may not necessarily mean you need a supplement but perhaps better communication), low libido, lack of stamina, low energy, and poor sexual performance in general in combination with erectile dysfunction which is known to cause shorter lasting erections.

The special formula consisting of all natural ingredients are specially combined to improve sex and heighten climax. The website is very general when it comes to information and focuses mainly on noting the numerous benefits and adding pretty marketing terms rather than real information to convince you to purchase. Unfortunately, this is quite common with websites such as these and I don’t think it necessarily reflects on the effectiveness of the product but rather that their marketing is simply lazy and bad.


What does Raging Lion Consist Of?

The only good information I found on the official website is their list of ingredients. Even there they were pretty general as they simply added pretty pictures with the names of the ingredients on them rather than real information about why each is included in the supplement. Also, there is no supplement facts sheet which would have been far more helpful in at least determining the amount of each ingredient in the supplement.

Also, there is an extra ingredient which they did not mention in the website but rather noted it in the footer with a link to an external medical page with details of the ingredient. I found this pretty odd, but still included it in my list below:

  • Lepidium Meyenii aka Maca, is possibly effective when it comes to boosting sexual desire in men. There is still insufficient evidence of it being effective for a number of other male issues related to sex.
  • Polypodium Vulgare doesn’t necessarily have any benefits which are specifically catered to men and their sexual performance but it does have a number of potential benefits for general health.
  • L-Arginine is common in numerous male enhancement supplements and is known for numerous benefits including improvement of erectile dysfunction.
  • Epimedium is better known as Horny Goat Weed. It has been used for centuries as a male enhancement product but scientifically it still is being researched for its benefits in improving various sexual problems, ejaculation problems, and treatment of ED.
  • Saw Palmetto is used mainly for prostate health though it is scientifically confirmed effective for those going in for prostate surgery. It is currently being researched for a number of other benefits concerning the prostate.
  • Tongkat Ali improves male fertility and is currently being researched for improving low testosterone, athletic performance, and a number of problems concerning male performance and sex.
  • Mucuna Gigantea still has very little scientific research to prove its benefits in improving libido and male fertility.
  • Yohimbe is the ingredient listed at the bottom of the website. I have found that it really is effective in improving sexual dysfunction and impotence plus it’s still being scientifically researched for numerous other benefits.

The list of ingredients is actually quite impressive. Again, I would have liked to see a supplement facts sheet to confirm them all as this really isn’t all that trustworthy, but if these are the ingredients I do think that Raging Lion may be effective.


How to Order Raging Lion

First things first. Do not be fooled by their free trial. Yes, you pay only $4.97 to get a full 30 day supply but your trial is only for 10 days. After that you will be charged the full price of $139.97 which is a bit steep if you ask me. Not only this, you will be signed up for their membership program and receive a new 30 day supply every month and will be charged $139.97 plus shipping. So, make sure you are well aware of the terms before you order.

Although this product is quite expensive I do think that it really could be effective. If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above and the price of $139.97 per month does not faze you, give the 10 day trial a shot. I personally think that Raging Lion could give results but the price tag is a bit steep for a supplement.


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