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I had a pretty hard time determining exactly what the Millionaire Blueprint is. I have heard of it before and even visited the website but it has changed quite a bit since then, at least visually. If you ever consider trying to make money online and do a search you will find thousands of these types of programs and systems, but only a few are genuine and to be trusted. With that said, this is why my mission of finding something that has potential is so difficult.

What is the Millionaire Blueprint?

When you visit the official website I am certain you will have a hard time trying to figure out what it is. Is it a seminar or a system? Is it dealing with stocks or binary options? Honestly, this information is nowhere to be found. The video does provide some information but overall, it basically discusses how you need this blueprint in order to ensure your retirement and how difficult it is to do so without it. Unfortunately, aside from this you are provided with little to no information.

The one thing I did learn from the official website and through the homepage video is that what they will do through this system is teach you a new plan to make money. The is called the Power Profit Portfolio and it will help you get the most out of your gains by means of something called “hyper compounding”. This is also when they mention that their blueprint is concerning trading stocks. Their system will teach you several very simple rules which are called Decision Triggers which will ensure that you are able to automatically secure investment gains all the while protecting yourself against portfolio-crushing losses. Another thing they will teach you is the one number needed to help you avoid the wrong stocks and buy the right ones. This number is actually the key to success and will automatically help you get ahead of 99% of investors.

The plan they will teach you through their webinars is very easy and the rules are easy to execute allowing you to get the maximum gain from your investment with the least amount of possible risk. The idea is to help you and teach you which stocks to own so your gains are realistic.

The Millionaire Blueprint consists of these three important points: Plan, Rules, and Buying the Right Stocks. The webinars are 45 minutes long and will be all you need to learn how to make a real profit. The official website claims that 75% of the recommended by them stocks have actually reached 20% or even better gains through their impressive plan. Their focus is on helping you secure a retirement plan but honestly, as long as you make a profit retirement or not the money is welcome if you ask me.

What Others Are Saying about Millionaire Blueprint

Since the official website doesn’t really provide much information about what they really offer, except for dates for webinars, you are left with very little to go by. This is why I turned to several external and reputable websites to gather more information.

You won’t learn this from their website, but this is a binary options robot system which helps you trade. They claim a 100% return but I think this is over-exaggerating a bit. Once you have set up your account with them, which is absolutely free and the system itself is free, you do have to make an investment. The minimum, as with all other similar systems, is $250. I have read elsewhere though that some have deposited as little as $200 so we’ll just say anywhere between $200 to $250 minimum to start.

Registration is easy enough and though there are a whole lot of different opinions and experiences discussed by users I have found some that are quite promising. Many misconstrued the freely used term “free” in the website and in general in reviews about this software. I don’t understand how someone would think that they will be able to make a million without any sort of investment but obviously they are out there and they are not happy about the money they are asked to invest in order to trade. The system is completely free, but you do have to invest $200-250 minimum.

Does Millionaire Blueprint Work

In all honesty, I have found very mixed reviews. Some claim that they are getting amazing returns and the system really is very efficient and effective even though it does not necessarily give the amazing results the official website claims. For you to make such great profits and become a millionaire you have to invest a LOT of money. With that said, this doesn’t mean that you will not make money and that it is not a good investment. The negative reviews were mainly focused on the website itself and the company because of their marketing tactics and their over-exaggerated claims. Another issue that has come up with the Millionaire Blueprint system is that it does lag a bit when it becomes overcrowded at peak hours, leading to potential losses. This, however, can easily be avoided and it doesn’t seem to happen all too often.

In Conclusion…

The Millionaire Blueprint has been around for quite some time though it seems recently they have changed their website quite a bit with webinar updates which will help teach you everything you need for professional trading. Their system seems to be quite effective as per the reviews, comments, and forum posts though it does have some lag. It is a special software which gives you signals for trading binary options and claims to teach you and help you get the best return possible making you a millionaire and securing your retirement. In order to start trading and using the system you must select from one of their brokers, one you have not used in the past, and make the minimum allowed investment. Once you have done this you can start trading. I do think that the Millionaire Blueprint system is legitimate, just don’t expect the claimed results as regardless of their promises binary options are a gamble and you should be prepared to win or lose at any given time.

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