Intellux Review: Another Brain Supplement Scam?

32 Customer Reviews – Intellux Legit Nootropic Supplement? Before buy Intellux , know price & read reviews on free.

I am certain you have seen them, you can’t miss supplements like Intellux. They are everywhere you look. In advertisements, in emails, in Facebook, and articles. Wherever you turn you see an advertisement for a supplement that will improve your memory, focus, concentration, and even perhaps make you smarter. This is all great. I have seen them all and the more that I see the less I am willing to believe they are actually effective. Time and again I become intrigued by a new supplement only to be disappointed by what I read about it, the obvious signs that its a scam, or even through my own experience when I try it. Personally, I am not in the market to get a new supplement for my brain, rather, I am researching, digging, and breaking down the different supplement websites so as to provide others that are considering the product with a bit more information than that which is provided. My experience with supplements is extensive and over the years I have learned to pinpoint which product or company is genuine and which are complete scams.

With that said. I recently received an email for Intellux and thought it was interesting. It offers pretty much the same that all other similar products offer. In fact, their website is actually identical to several other supplement websites. Down to every single word. I have learned though, that not all hope is lost if this is the case. Lets look a bit more in detail.


What is Intellux?

Well, like many other similar products it is an all-natural supplement containing Nootropics in order to provide you with intense focus which helps give you optimum mental absorption. It is developed to offer mental clarity through enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain and provides you with cognitive precision. You will be able to store newly learned information efficiently and through improved memory be able to retrieve it with ease. The effective nootropic found in this product has proven through studies and science that it is effective and safe.

As per the official website the advanced cognitive formula will help improve your memory as the ingredients within the product have shown to increase memory in both men and women of all ages. There were two study groups. One of men and women between the ages of early 20s and late 30s and another of men and women between the ages of 40 and 65. The first group saw significant increase in their short term memory while only some increase in long term memory. In the second group that consists of the older individuals there was a significant increase in both. If this is the case I think this really would be an effective supplement to try out.

In addition to improving memory the supplement also helps boost energy. This is not only a physical boost which will keep you energy throughout the day minus the jitters and the mid-afternoon crash but a mental energy boost which will keep you motivated and focused. As brain cells die on a daily basis over time the results of this takes effect. This means you begin to have a hard time focusing and staying motivated especially if your brain is under daily stress.

The nootropics found in the supplement help improve the overall mental function of the individual. As per the official website the supplement will be able to help improve memory, cognition, motivation, intelligence, concentration, and attention. All this by altering the supply of neurochemicals to the brain. This 100% natural formula contains 100% pure Phosphatidylserine Complex which is known to help boost efficiency and function of your brain cells. The research driven human studies have confirmed not only the effectiveness but also the safety of this ingredient.


Who Can Benefit from Intellux

There are many people that actually do not need a supplement like this. Perhaps they are simply stressed out or are at a low point in their career or even in general their life which causes them to lose concentration. These are small temporary hindrances which you should be able to get around without a supplement. Though a supplement can help I think some self-motivation and a slight push will get you back on track.

I think the people that could really take advantage of a supplement like this are over 30 and looking for a way to reverse the signs of an aged brain due to stress and bad diet. Generally between the ages of 25 and 70 it is possible for us to lose up to 60% of our mental focus. This is a major change which could have a serious effect on your life.

The official website provides a short list of symptoms, though generally broad, are a good pinpoint to see if you need a supplement like this.

Memory Loss


Problems with Concentration

Can’t Focus

No Motivation

Low Energy/Fatigue

Generally Bad Mental Performance


Though everyone has these low points in their life from time to time if you feel that this has been consistent for some time you may want to consider a supplement with nootropics. This is because over time the brain loses its sharpness of memory and believe it or not the food we eat actually has a major effect on how quickly it begins to dwindle. There are options which do not include a supplement and they are to simply change your diet and reduce stress on your brain. This of course means changing your diet completely and focus on brain foods which will help give your brain the necessary nutrition to stop loss of memory and overall performance of the brain. I think we all know what happens with special diets. With a supplement you can replace completely changing your diet with a pill you take every day and give what your brain needs quickly and with ease.

Intellux Official Website Breakdown

So, as mentioned above the first thing that caught my attention is the fact that this website is identical to so many other similar websites. There are very few real differences between this and the numerous other websites offering a product that claims the exact same thing.

When we overlook this in hopes that this was simply a quickly developed site by an eager company looking to sell their product there is some pretty interesting information provided. Unfortunately, very little of it is really about the product but rather what Nootropics can do. There is no list of ingredients and no concrete information about how it does what it does and what each ingredient does to give you the results they promise. This is my biggest pet peeve with these websites and I think they will never learn. They are losing customers before they even get them by using only marketing terms to get a sale rather than informing their potential customers.

With that said, once you go into their purchase page after you have entered your information you are provided with several options. I will go into further detail of the prices of the product but what I liked was that you buy a bottle or one of their two other package options and that’s it. No additional charges. No membership programs. No auto-shipment. This is a major relief especially knowing that if you do order the most that you will spend is about $50. No gimmicks to get you to agree to something you most likely did not read. No further charges or risk of such. I think that if you find enough good information about a product and really want to try it if it is affordably why not.


What others are Saying about Intellux

Here it gets tricky. Be warned, even while reading this, nothing is to be trusted online. Though I am genuine in what I write and my research I am a strong believer that everyone must do research on their own before buying anything. You have taken the first step and have read this review, dont let it be the last. Read comments, reviews, and forums. I was actually pleasantly surprised by some of the results.

Do keep in mind though. Just like there are scam websites there are scam reviews. Paid reviews, paid comments, and paid forum topics and replies. Pinpointing them is key. If it looks more like an advert rather than a simply comment or review then most likely it is. If they are completely tearing a supplement apart and then give you a recommendation of an alternative ‘better’ option then most likely they are paid by the competition. Once you have read a page or two of comments and several reviews you will get the hang of it and be able to tell them apart.

I found mixed reviews. Though I found only a few genuine ones they did put Intellux in both positive and negative light. Some are claiming that though it did not completely change their world and make them geniuses the supplement did have a positive effect and they continue taking it while others say they felt absolutely nothing and were disappointed with ever spending the money. Remember that these are all natural ingredients many of which your body will experience for the first time. Different people respond differently to certain ingredients, especially if they are natural as they are not as potent as drugs. So, with that said it could take some longer while others less time to see the effects. The effects for some will be beyond impressive while for others the combination of ingredients simply will not have much of an affect at all. So consider whether it is worth risking $50 and once you have done your research decide whether you want to order.


How and Where to Buy Intellux

One other thing I was not too happy about when it came to this product is that it is available exclusively on the official website. I couldnt find it anywhere else. The good thing on the other hand is that it is relatively affordable. Many similar products I have found were priced anywhere between $60 and $90 so a price of $50 is on the low site. They offer 3 different packages and the more you buy the lower the price per bottle gets.

3 bottles + 2 free – $29.99 each bottle – $149.95 plus free shipping and handling

2 bottles + 1 free – $37.99 each bottle – $113.82 plus free shipping and handling

1 bottle starter – $49.85 plus free shipping.

If you are happy after the first month you can save a lot of money by simply ordering a package of several bottles rather than buying them one by one which I think is a pretty good deal. Looking at the prices and their package offer it doesnt look as if they are looking to rip people off and run or perhaps try and get rich quick by scamming enough people to sign up for programs and pay a lot of money. They seem to be looking for genuine customers which they want to impress which leads me to believe they are genuine in trying to help.

In Conclusion

Though the official website isnt as impressive as I wish it had been I am at least happy that it does not go with the typical Free Trial offer which so many people get scammed into. The price is reasonable and though there is little information about the product itself I think that if you have researched similar products you are more or less informed enough about how it works and what can be found in it.

Read into it and find genuine reviews and forums about the product, don’t trust the first thing you read. I know enough to point out that it does not have the typical signs of it being a scam, its a matter of whether or not it will work for you. Though I cannot straight forward recommend Intellux without some hesitation I do think that it is a supplement worth looking into.


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