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So I have been reading about supplements that help with overall cognitive functions of the brain and one of the supplements that I came upon is the CognimaXX XL. It has shown to have impressive capabilities to help improve memory recall, concentration, focus, and energy, at least as per the official website. Honestly, I don’t think I really absolutely necessarily need a supplement like this but it definitely caught my attention. The more I think about it the more I am convinced that I have to try it and perhaps that I may really need it. I forget things, definitely have problems with concentration and focus, and well, my memory isn’t perfect. Like I said, it just seems like something that could really be useful even if your brain is functioning more or less normal.

Before I selected CognimaXX XL I wanted to see how many other supplements are on the market that offer similar benefits. I found out that there are a LOT. They are everywhere. How was I not introduced to this world of brain supplements when I was in school? They would have definitely come in handy then. What they claim is that not only will you get a nice energy boost but you will experience a clearer mind, better memory, more focus and concentration, and overall better brain health.

What is CognimaXX XL?

As mentioned above this is a brain supplement with a special formula, which they seem to keep secret, that has shown to offer impressive results in the field of brain power. It has the abilities to help improve the way your brain works greatly by simply taking one pill a day. Simple enough right?

Unfortunately this is more or less that is provided about the supplement. In reality they don’t offer any concrete information about what is inside it, how it exactly works, and what ingredients are found in it. Not only that, they don’t provide information as to what ingredient is responsible for what improvement which you should expect. This alone has got me a little worried because if I can’t look up a supplements’ ingredients I immediately become very skeptical as I refuse to order something I was not able to carefully research beforehand.

What they claim the supplement will do:

  • Increase your short term memory
  • Offer drastic improvements in long term memory
  • Gives you a serious energy power up
  • Better concentration
  • Continuous increase of brain performance
  • Better focus with later precision
  • Clearer mental vision

They go into detail though about how your brain works and how you lose brain power. This of course is true but I would have been much happier with information about the supplement itself. What they say is that by the age of 30 you begin to lose brain power and your cognitive performance begins to dwindle. Though this is true I am sure there are also other ways to slow down this process or even completely stop it and reverse it.


Symptoms of cognitive decline to look out for:

  • Memory loss
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of focus
  • Low motivation
  • Low energy
  • Inability to perform mentally

We actually lose about 60% of our mental focus between the ages of 25 and 70. This means that around the age of 30 the brain begins to lose it sharpness and this is not only because of the daily stress we put our brains through every day but also the kind of foods we eat. This is actually something I didn’t know. There are special “brain diets” which you can go on to help your brain gain the necessary nutrition and vitamins to help improve the way it functions or you can take a supplement like CognimaXX XL. If you do not take care of your brain properly over time it will start to deplete the brain capabilities as brain cells die every day and we will begin to lose focus and memory over time. The fuel formula for your brain in this product, as per the official website, is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to improve the way your brain functions.

Advanced Cognitive Formula

This is an interesting portion of the official website as they discuss what the supplement offers but without going too much into detail. This means no list of supplements on any real information about the supplement itself. This is what CognimaXX XL is capable of:

  • Improving Memory – the ingredients found in the supplement will help improve your memory recall. Research has shown that it boosts memory recall in both men and women where the younger group between the early 20’s and late 30’s noticed they had a significant increase in short term memory and some in long term while the older group between 40 and 65 had increase in both.
  • Energy Boost – developed to give you a natural energy boost the supplement will start working immediately after you start taking it. This means you will stay alert and focused being able to concentrate on the task at hand without the downside of jitters or a cash.
  • Improved Health and Well-Being – taking care of your brain improves your health. Studies actually show that the health suffers if your brain is not healthy. Since the body listens to the brain if you take care of it the body will follow. Those who do not take care of their brain are more susceptible to a variety of cognitive ailments and illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Better Motivation and Focus – every day brain cells die as the body ages and changes. You will begin to feel the effects as we age and begin to find it hard to stay motivated and focused on the task at hand. The one of a kind formula of CognimaXX XL was especially engineered to help your brain the necessary ingredients it needs at the exact perfected dosage to improve all areas of your cognitive growth which includes problem solving capabilities, long term and short term memory, energy, focus, and cognitive growth.

The official website claims that CognimaXX XL is the #1 natural cognitive enhancer on the market today which guarantees noticeable improvements to your memory and focus in the first week alone. They go on to say that it will help improve your energy levels and reduce mental fatigue forever.

With thousands of satisfied customers, which you can confirm in their Facebook page (which is not provided) you can rest assured that this is a supplement that is effective and safe. Your cognitive performance will be supported and your memory recall increased with crystal clear focus like you have never experienced before. Pretty impressive claims if you ask me but I think a bit overexaggerate. With zero side effects, which I cannot confirm because I don’t know what the ingredients are, and 100% natural ingredients this is the supplement for you.


They Offer a How to Take the Supplement Section

This I found amusing. They offer a how to section in the official website where they are to discuss how to take the supplement but aside from saying that you take 1 pill every morning you are not provided with any information. Whether it should be before or after breakfast or with lots of water are completely left out in this information. Instead they go onto discuss how you will experience an incredible brain boost from the cognitive blend which works immediately and supports the brain with its impressive formula boosting energy, memory, and focus. Of course this leads to the impressive results:

  • Better memory recalls
  • More energy
  • Better mood
  • Faster brain reaction
  • Improved health
  • More focus
  • Better brain and memory

All great but again, with complete lack of information about the supplement itself. I feel that this website could be for any supplement that offers these benefits and absolutely nothing needs to be changed but the name. With that said, when I researched other supplements before choosing this one to review I clearly remember quite a few of them that had this exact same website, down to the text and images and of course, lack of information.

How and Where to Buy

If you can give me this information it would be great. I was unable to find this product anywhere else except for the official website. I of course tried to go through the order process and was even considering trying out their 30 day guarantee which they so often point out but unfortunately when I entered my information to be taken to the purchase page as with so many other supplements I was redirected back the homepage. I tried to find information about the prices and whether it has a free trial and what the terms are for it in the Terms and Conditions I found absolutely nothing. They did discuss their money back guarantee but that is it. I did find a contact email which I used to send an inquiry on their product including the ingredients but have yet to receive a reply 4 days later. Looks like I got all excited for nothing. Sadly, even if I was in dire need of this supplement I wouldn’t have been able to order it.


Reviews, Comments, and Forums about CognimaXX XL

So, of course, I did the only natural thing. I tried to find more information about the supplement on third party websites. I have memberships in several forums where they discuss the newest supplements and found a post about CognimaXX XL. The reviews, comments, and replies were not very informative. I think mainly because many of them were not really genuine but rather paid comments. Many were positive claiming that it changed their lives while others said that this is a complete waste of money and a scam only to advertise another supplement which they claim is better. This of course immediately brings up the question whether they really have tried the supplement or are simply trying to push what they are advertising.

In the end, I found absolutely nothing useful. Nothing that I can honestly say has pushed me towards considering the supplement and still nothing that will completely convince me that it is not worth even to try. In the end I was left with mixed feelings. Only several of the comments were genuine. Some discussed that they were not happy with the price while others had the same question as me, how do you order and what is the price. Unfortunately, these comments were left unanswered.

Do I Recommend you Order CognimaXX XL?

Honestly, I was hoping that I could find out some useful information to the reader so you can make a wise decision through reading my “informative” review but unfortunately I think I have selected the wrong supplement for a review. I wish I could come up with some great enlightening information which will save you time and money but I cannot. From the looks of it the website is genuine but perhaps it’s a new supplement and the website is not complete, or maybe they are having technical problems, I don’t know. The lack of information leads me to believe that either they are hiding something or they are simply not too good with words. Either way, it would have been far more convincing if they had at least offered some useful information which would have given me a reason to consider their product. Unfortunately, empty promises are not enough to pull me into their trap. I do think that perhaps this supplement could be a scam and that they could simply be gathering personal information so they can later sell it but I will never know unfortunately. I recommend that if you are still interested in this product you consider their 30 day guarantee and perhaps if you catch them at a good time and find out how much it costs please comment below. I would love to know the price of CognimaXX XL and what options they have available when it comes to purchasing it.


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