Brain Peak Review: Unlock Brain Potential or a Waste of Money?

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I have reviewed a number of nootropic supplements that promise plenty but don’t deliver but my search continues with Brain Peak. This product actually looks quite promising, but I know well enough by now not to get my hopes up too high. As it turns out, many have plenty of benefits listed on paper but none that actually have anything to show for it except for a big negative in your bank account. I have tried numerous products and have come to the conclusion that only 1% is actually effective and in most cases when it is effective it’s far from what they have advertised.

This is exactly why I go into researching a product without getting too overexcited about the benefits and their empty promises. With that said though, this does not rule out the possibility of the product actually having some sort of effect, it’s just slightly less effective than they boast it to be. So, let’s find out what it has to offer and if is worth the money.


What is Brain Peak

Well, as with all other nootropics it discusses its numerous benefits and how it can help improve your life in more ways than you have ever imagined. They claim that you will be able to achieve untold brain performance, completely revitalize your mind, work with ease, think sharper and faster, and basically activate your ultimate brain power.

This is all possible through its all natural ingredients and through its special development which will help you have improved memory and focus all the while boosting processing speed and flow state. Overall, it’s a miracle supplement that will change the way you think, improve your life, and succeed….as per the official website.

A Look into Our Brains

Although most people experience a decline in brain power as they age it could start taking place well before you hit your 30’s mark.  It is at this point where your brain slowly starts to dwindle and your brain power, focus, memory, and processing speed begins to drop. There are a number of symptoms which how that you are experiencing some sort of drop in brain power and that perhaps you may need a bit of help you get you back to your old self.


Possible Symptoms:

  • You have a difficult time concentrating on tasks and are easily distracted regardless if they are easy or difficult.
  • You begin to experience lack of focus and it feels like it takes ages to complete simple tasks just because you cannot focus on them properly.
  • Memory is where it hits the hardest as you will experience both short and long term memory loss making even the simplest things difficult to remember.
  • In combination with the above symptoms your body will begin to slow down thus making you extremely tired.
  • The overall poor mental performance will not go unnoticed, both by you and your employer.

The Complete Mental Solution

I am not sure if I would call it exactly this but so far I am actually somewhat impressed with the way they are marketing the product. They claim that this supplement is nothing like other nootropics as it offers a fully balance solution to help ensure performance. It will help you keep your cool even in the most stressful situations and allow you to take the most accurate decisions.

Although they do not mention ingredients anywhere in the official website they do note 2 ingredients which are Vinpocetine and Huperzine A which are combined to help your body boost acetylcholine levels. As it turns out acetylcholine is actually a very powerful neurotransmitter. It is what supercharges your brain to help speed it up and improve information processing, boosting cerebral blood flow, and provide it plenty of oxygen.

The expert combination of these neurospecific antitoxins will help in numerous ways by removing free radicals and blowing away mental fog.

Vinpocetine:  As per WebMD this ingredient is effective in improving the effects on the decline of thinking skills developed from a number of causes. There are several studies and each has shown benefits in this ingredient when it comes to boosting brain performance. There are also studies that have shown that it can also improve memory when taken up to 4 months. It is important to remember that although it is considered a safe ingredient it can still cause some minor side effects such as: stomach pain, nausea, sleep disturbances, headache, nervousness, dizziness, and flushing of face.

Huperzine A: This ingredient is actually not only great for those past their 30’s but makes the supplement suitable for younger users as well (though do practice caution and consult with a physician and WebMD notes that it is possibly safe for no more than a month for children) as it is confirmed to improve memory through a study for 4 weeks by children and teenagers that have complained of memory problems. Again, as with all other ingredients it does not lack in side effects though. Possible side effects that could be experienced from taking this ingredient are: nausea, diarrhea, sweating, and more.

Both of these ingredients actually do seem quite promising. The official website goes on to note that there are actually a total of 9 natural compounds in the supplement however they are not noted. When combined they provide each of their qualities and create this powerful and reliable nootropic. This nootropic solution maximizes 3 parts of the brain and its physical abilities:

  1. Boosts levels of endogenous neurotransmitters
  2. Provides anti-stress compounds
  3. Encourages comprehensive neuroprotection


Unlock the Power of the Lucid Dream

Research has actually shown that acetylcholine can produce vivid and quite often lucid dreams, thus acetylcholine boosting ingredients will help you get some of the most amazing dreams you have ever had as per the official website. Though this does seem a bit strange and especially since not all lucid dreams are good I am not sure if I want to open that door. This is possible as acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating your REM sleep. This means that it helps your body transition into deeper sleep which is far more rejuvenating. As REM cycles get broader and more persistent you are more likely to reach lucidity in your dreams.

Benefits of lucid dreams:

This I had no idea. Honestly, I have never researched into lucid dreams and didn’t know that there are actually benefits of this, not to mention what the benefits are. Not sure if they are going out on a limb here or this is really true but I will certainly look further into it.

  • Explore the potential for your inner creative self
  • Discover your personal life meaning
  • Overcome phobias and fears
  • Practice and improve in some of your real life skills

Pretty strange, right?

Benefits of Brain Peak

So, the official website has a list of 4 benefits. They don’t necessarily say these are benefits of their supplement but of powering the brain. The way they are written though it certainly looks as if they are benefits of the actual supplement. It is pretty vague so it is hard to determine whether these are benefits to expect from the product or simply of boosting brain power.

  • Boost Cognition – more powerful state of focus, dedication, and clarity while you are awake and give your best performance as you rise to every challenge.
  • Drives Dreams – with potential to experience lucid dreams you will get an emotional lift and physical relaxation with more restful sleep.
  • Peak Performance – not only mental but physical as your reflexes will be quicker while your intellectual processing will improve.
  • Maintains Memory – keep you at top mental performance which will allow you to store and recall information exactly when you need it quickly and accurately.

It claims it will be able to help you reprogram your brain and improve the way you think as well as store and recall information. You will be able to store information more accurately and thus be able to access it any time you want. This means your brain will be more resourceful while you stay calms allowing you to make better decisions even in stressful situations.


What are the Pros and Cons of Brain Peak

Honestly, I see plenty of each which leaves me somewhat borderline.


  • 100% Natural
  • 2 Known Ingredients are Very Effective
  • Lucid Dreams and Better Sleep
  • Easy to Take


  • Expensive
  • Free Trial (will get into this later)
  • No Info on Website
  • No List of Ingredients

What is Everyone Else Saying about Brain Peak

Before I get into the conclusion of this review I wanted to take a look at some of the comments and reviews of this supplement. Personally, I overlook the positive reviews altogether these days because I have come to realize that most are paid reviews which means there is nothing real about them. From the looks of it, in most cases if someone is unhappy that’s when they write a review and usually when they are unhappy they are simply happy and don’t feel the need to share it with the whole world.

So, the negative reviews I found were actually mainly concerned with the price and the Free Trial offer they have available. Unfortunately people these days do not take the time to read the terms and conditions when they order something and this is exactly why in most cases they end up feeling like they were lied to when in fact, all they had to do was look. I go by the rule of thumb, if something seems to be too good to be true then it most likely is. So, if you are getting such an amazing supplement (as claimed by the official website) why would they be giving you a full month’s supply for such a low price? Of course they aren’t, they are giving you a much smaller supply for that price, you just have to return the rest if you don’t want it. Yes, it’s a little shady, yes, they do cash in on peoples laziness to open the terms and conditions, but they are there, the information is there, and if we want to stay safe we have to read it. So, always, always, read the terms if you don’t want a headache later.

Where and How Much for Brain Peak

You can buy it only from the official website through their Trial Offer. You pay $4.97 for a 10 day trial from the day you order and are automatically signed up for their auto-ship program. If during the first 10 days from the day you order you are not happy with the results simply call them and cancel your membership and get the necessary information to return the rest of the product and you are set. If you want to continue taking the supplement simply do nothing and you will be charged $139.97. After that every month you will get a new supply of the supplement for $139.97 plus shipping and handling shipped to you. Yes, I do have a problem with this form of marketing and selling their product but if you read the terms you should not have a problem with charges which you did not approve.

In Conclusion….

I ordered Brain Peak and tried it for the 10 day trial. I personally found the price of $139.97 a bit steep for me to continue after the trial was over. I don’t feel that I absolutely need a supplement to help me with concentration, but it wouldn’t hurt for the right price. In the 10 days though I was surprisingly happy with the results. They weren’t spectacular or anything, nothing mind-blowing, but still I did feel an improvement and I did experience lucid dreams 2 times which was actually quite amazing. I would actually buy this supplement for the lucid dreams alone and enjoy the rest of the benefits on the side. I did feel more concentrated and focused, can’t say my memory improved greatly, but I did get a lot more rest and woke up more energetic than normal.

Would I recommend Brain Peak? Well, if you have the cash for it I think it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot for a month as I am sure that once your body becomes accustomed to it and it starts taking full effect perhaps Brain Peak could be more effective than what I experienced.


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