BioActive Raspberry Ketone Review

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Going on a diet is no fun.

Usually it all ends with horrible cravings, hunger, and pure torture.

Of course, the end result of such experiments is eventually giving up on the diet completely and in turn gaining all the weight back.

This is one of the reasons that most conventional methods for weight loss have a very low success rate. There are very few people that actually succeed in the long run.

This is where a new and quite popular supplement for weight loss called BioActive Raspberry Ketone comes in.

Numerous health experts actually claim that it can help you lose weight by helping suppress your appetite and improving your metabolism without excess effort.

I have been known to be a big fan of self-experimentation and supplements in general.

Over the course of about 10 years I have experimented with quite a few supplements, not only for weight loss but numerous different reasons, but only a few have actually had effect and I have continued to actually take for longer periods of time.

Of course, with the crazy reviews and marketing of BioActive Raspberry Ketone it was hard not to get excited and research it deeper in order to unearth the science behind it and in general find out more about the supplement.

What is BioActive Raspberry Ketone?

The main ingredient is Raspberry Ketone which is actually the natural occurring compound found in the much loved berries. It is what gives them their delicious aroma.

When ingested, approximately 90 lbs. of raspberries to get wanted results, it helps increase metabolism and burns the excess fat. With BioActive Raspberry Ketone you get the effects of 90 lbs. of raspberries in easy to take capsules.

The reason it works is that it helps increase a key protein called adiponectin. This protein is known to help break down fat not only quickly but easily as well. A concentrated dose like the one found in this supplement without the added sugar will help increase energy levels while increasing hard to lose fat around the waist.

In BioActive Raspberry Ketone you will find several other ingredients as well in order to ensure full effectiveness of the supplement:

  • Acai Berry – this is a powerful antioxidant known to boost immune system and help the overall metabolic function
  • Resveratrol – known to stimulate the enzyme called sirtuins which positively and effectively stimulates the metabolism of fat
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – acetic acid is the main compound of vinegar and is known to block the ability of the body to digest starch which thus prevents the production of calories
  • Green Tea – aside from boosting energy by moving fat to the bloodstream it also helps increase the breakdown of fat
  • African Mango – boosts leptin which is the hormone that is responsible for regulating your appetite

Does BioActive Raspberry Ketone Actually Work?

I managed to find several research studies on Garcinia Cambogia, in both animals and humans.

I managed to find some research studies on Raspberry Ketone for more detailed information on how it works and its effects.

Some prove that it can actually be effective in weight loss such as this study, however it is in a different combination with different ingredients than this supplement so there is no way to prove the effectiveness of this supplement in particular, just that the main active ingredient may be effective in certain combinations.

This study on rats has proven that it is effective in preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss however it shows no real conclusion for humans.

Bottom Line: There are numerous studies, however minimal as there are no studies that are done for long periods of time and with serious tests on humans exclusively with the main ingredient. I think that the supplement just may be effective, especially if you have a long tail trailing behind you.

Some Human Studies

There were several studies on humans with the main ingredient of raspberry ketone.

Unfortunately many of these studies were funded specifically by the companies that develop these types of supplements and in many cases they are done on very few individuals.

Another unfortunate point is that the studies that were done were only on a combination of ingredients none of which match the ingredients listed in this supplement. Although it did prove to be effective in this combination it does not prove anything for the combination found in the BioActive Raspberry Ketones supplement.

I have found that many of these types of supplements, especially with newly found and newly used “magic” ingredients in supplements especially for weight loss, usually have very few studies thus far. Many of which unfortunately are done primarily on animals.

Regardless, I have found that aside from this supplement there are numerous supplements that claim that Raspberry Ketone is the newest ingredient in weight loss supplements with magically claimed results that offer fast and easy weight loss. This unfortunately, is not true, regardless which ingredient and how it is combined, without effort there are no results.

If BioActive Raspberry Ketone Doesn’t Work what Does?

I’ve been experimenting with and researching supplements for years, but I have yet to find a weight loss supplement that actually works.

Honestly, there are hundreds of supplements on the market. There is no guarantee that this supplement will or will not work. At the moment there are so many different trials done on the main active ingredient, as well as the rest of the ingredients found in this supplement, that it is difficult to tell whether scientifically it will or will not work. Each of the ingredients in the supplement have shown to have some positive effects when it comes to weight loss but unfortunately none are proven as very little research is done.

Some do have several studies done that have proven to be effective such as Green Tea. While other ingredients which are not found in this supplement such as Caffeine  and Glucomannan (a fiber that has been known to reduce appetite) have also shown signs of being effective. Unfortunately, again, results show to be inconsistent and somewhat weak.

All in all, at the end of the day after all is said and done the best way to lose weight is the traditional way. Even if these supplements and ingredients do show some sort of effectiveness it is important to remember that in most of these types of promotional websites their effects are over exaggerated. Though they may prove to be effective in boosting the results of your diet and workout they certainly cannot help you lose weight by simply popping a pill, if this was the case the world-wide problem with obesity would be over. For all good things a certain amount of effort is required, this means checking yourself when you sit to eat so you don’t over eat or eat unhealthy foods and finding time to visit the gym and be active.

I highly recommend this article if you are looking for a proven and effecitve way to lose weight. There are numerous other articles out there just like it. It will require more effort and will take more timebut you will get real results. You can accompany their recommendations with a supplement of your choice such as BioActive Raspberry Ketones but certainly do not rely only on supplements to get your dream body.

In Conclusion…

Perhaps one day science will discover a supplement that will be weight loss in a pill. Something as simple as just taking a pill and within a month you’ll be as fit as you like. I think this is a dream we all have. Until that day comes however, don’t trust promotional websites with their over exaggerated benefits, but rather trust your instincts and go with the natural and real weight loss options such as working out and dieting. Accompany this with a supplement but certainly do not rely on one entirely.

It is clear from the studies that Raspberry Ketone can be effective, primarily in mice and rats, without much prove that you will see real results yourself. Remember, all natural supplements and ingredients have different effects on different people, especially when it comes to the effort they put into their weight loss program. So for some this could be the answer and the much needed push they needed to get more visible results faster, while others may experience less than impressive results.

If you want to find a weight loss supplement that actually works, then this article reviews 12 popular weight loss pills and supplements (no. 7 is a personal favorite).

Another article I found useful reviews the 12 popular weight loss pills and supplements, some effective, some not so much, while others are complete rip-offs. You wind the key ingredient in BioActive Raspberry Ketones supplement in the list and see exactly what I mean when it comes to little to no research to prove its effectiveness.


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