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It has been a while now since my interest in binary options systems has led me to reviewing websites like Auto Money App System. Over the years more and more websites are picking up on the potential profit for them by creating automated systems for trading binary options with leading brokers in the market. Unfortunately, there are some websites that are complete scams and are out to simply get your investment and do nothing more than lose it. Though there is always that 50% chance risk of losing your money, I think that there are certain systems that actually deliver and do really put in an effort to help you earn money.

What is the Auto Money App System?

Upon visiting the official website you will most likely be less than impressed. I don’t understand why it is so hard to simply put into words as content in the main page exactly what the website is about, how their system works, the minimum amount to be deposited, and what makes them better that the competition.

It has become so common these days for them to upload a video which cannot be fast-forwarded or rewound that at this point I rarely even listen through the whole thing. They say nothing more than any other website, but they make it so difficult to actually pay attention. This time the video is about a young genius which became a millionaire at the age of 18 through trading binary options. He claims that you will be able to make millions with the push of a button. All you have to do is sign up for his free system for trading binary options, speak with one of his coaches, add money to your account (minimum of $250), and let the system do the work for you.

This is actually quite impressive if it really does all of this. They even go as far as to claim that you will become a millionaire in 90 days or less as long as you continue to invest the money you have initially invested rather than take it out. He also claims that only a few lucky individuals will get a matching deposit bonus, though I highly doubt I would be one of the selected.

The system basically works on auto pilot trades where it trades binary options automatically through signals provided by professionals. They claim that they pick only winning trades and the risk of losing your investment is nonexistent. This, is most certainly a lie though, there is only a 50% chance of actually winning because no matter how much of an expert you are in binary options it is still a gamble.

Online SP

What are Binary Options

The official Auto Money App System does not go further into detail about what binary options are. These are just like other options but much simpler. They are based on you making a prediction whether an option will rise or fall. This is done through two keywords “call” which is for the option rising and “put” which is for the option falling. There is a set timeframe and set amount for each prediction and you are well aware how much money you can make or lose at any given time.

This system works exclusively online so once you have set up your account you don’t have to download anything and can turn your computer off while the system continues to work for you. Now, whether this is an effective system and if the claims made are realistic is another question.

What Others Think of Auto Money App System

I rarely trust the official website when it comes to investing such sums of money. Though I have noticed that every single similar website exaggerates quite a bit I do believe that there is still a possibility of it really giving you a return. I highly doubt you will become a millionaire in 90 days or even in the first 6 months to a year but I do think that if you play your cards right and learn more about binary options not trusting the autopilot system 100% you could really get a return. I found different reviews of the system online. While some praised it for being the best there is out there today almost mimicking the tone of the sales pitch in the video others claimed that it is a waste of money and slow. It’s important to understand that there are paid reviews trying to push you in both directions. Some claim it’s great and urge you to logon today while others are paid to say that the website is a scam and to turn to their recommended system. All systems are the same, period. I have gone through this long enough to know that the image of the system may change but in general they are all the same and it all depends on your luck and gamble rather than how great the system is or how effective their experts are. This is why I urge you to do research on binary options and learn about trading them correctly so as to make your own predictions.

I found comments and feedback in forums about the system as well. Here I found more genuine answers to my question. One of the problems I found with the system is that when there are a lot of people logged on it does lag a bit which may be a problem for some of the options for shorter periods of time. On the other hand others have said that they are happy with the results, though they are far less than what is promised by the official website.

Overall, in conclusion, it is important to not fall into the exaggeration and understand that there is no way to become a millionaire with just a push of a button. There must be effort to get results and the best way is to learn more about binary options and trust your instincts rather than try and use an automated system with “experts”. I don’t think that the Auto Money App System is a scam, though I do think that it may be a bit exaggerated.


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