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I have been researching binary options lately and came upon Apple Mobile Bot. Honestly, I see absolutely nothing all too spectacular here and nothing too different from the rest. I have come to the conclusion that they are all the same and a long as you are aware of what binary options are and perhaps are well acquainted with the market you could take on any of them and do the trading yourself. The bots generally all work the same and there is very little difference from one software to the next.

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What is Apple Mobile Bot?

This is a binary options website which allows you free access to a system where you can trade binary options either on your own or use their automated system which does the trading instead of you. As trading binary options is a risky business regardless if you do it with a bot or on your own it’s important to understand that there is a high chance you will lose regardless what the website claims. They claim that you don’t have to pay a thing to use their system but if you are not acquainted with these types of systems you will believe that it is true. In fact, it is true, you pay nothing to use their system but in order to actually trade you do have to make an investment and as with all other similar systems the minimum amount is €250.

When entering the official website, if you have checked other similar websites you will notice that it is actually not much different than the rest. Very little real information about what the website is, simply a video claiming you will become filthy rich and how it is not a scam. The video cannot be controlled in any way allowing you to fast forward or rewind so you can hear something that you may have missed, and it is filled with “real” people giving their own accounts of using the system and how rich they have become.

The difference with this website is that they claim that you cannot use this system without being referred to it with a special access key. Yet, they insist that you continue watching the video because regardless you will want to learn more about it. At one point during the video a popup window becomes visible to the side with an access key with a button “copy key”. When you click it the key is automatically typed in the login box and you are urged to provide your information to continue. There you are greeted yet again with a video. It continues to discuss how great this system is and how you are just one step away from being rich. This page has more content but nothing actually substantial.

They claim you will be able to make $500,000 in the first year alone and that Apple is the largest and most profitable company today. They give lots of information about Apple but the APL stock symbol which they repeat regularly has nothing to do with apple as the original Apple stock symbol is AAPL. These are all details that I have noticed which have been brought to my attention both from reviewing the page and reading into it as well as from external websites.

Though all of this does seem a bit shady I am not completely turned off from the website as today nearly all binary option websites are the same. The key is for the actual system to be effective and the bots to do their job right. Also, if you know what you are doing and follow the market you should have no problem with doing the trading yourself instead.

What are Binary Options

Binary options are the easiest form of trading. This is why websites like Apple Mobile Bot are picking up on them quickly and working with brokers to earn referral fees. This is actually what is so profitable for them and why they keep popping up. Major brokers pay hefty referral fees to such websites for referring people to trade with them. This money is not taken from you, what you earn is completely yours. Binary options are basically predicting the value of shares and stocks and whether they will rise or fall within a given period of time. This gamble, as that’s exactly what it is regardless how much you follow stocks, is for a set amount of money and this is the amount which will be won if your prediction is correct. If your prediction is wrong you get nothing. It is the simplest type of trading as you have only two options, if the price of the stock will rise or fall, nothing more. This gives you a 50/50 chance of winning.


What others are Saying about Apple Mobile Bot

I completely ignore the feedback on the official website of any of these websites, it simply cannot be trusted. I have found numerous reviews, comments, and forum posts which have been very helpful. They are quite contradicting though. Some are obviously paid reviews, putting the system not only in positive light but negative as well and offering an alternative. This is why reviews in general are actually a bad place to start except for maybe to get the basics of what a system is about. The comments and forums are gold though. Again you will find some paid posts but nothing as extreme. Many of the people claimed that they actually did get a return while others felt like they were scammed as they lost their initial deposit. The money made is certainly not as much as it is claimed in the official website though, and I have yet to find a review claiming that they have won millions, but it could help double or triple the initial deposit and gradually grow over time. Just remember, it is a 50/50 chance so losing is always part of the risk.

Should you Buy into Apple Money Bot?

There are thousands of similar systems today as mentioned above. Selecting one should not depend on one review only. I urge you to read more into it, see not only positive but negative reviews and comments as well. Decide for yourself whether Apple Money Bot is and when you become well educated on what it is about, what it offers, and what the risks are there is no way for you to get scammed.

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