Addium Review: Best I’ve Tried so Far

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Boosting memory and your brain power in general has turned out to be a complete fraud, at least until I found Addium. Honestly, I had absolutely no hope for any of the advertised products because I have tried so many of them without seeing the slightest difference. I have experienced a slow decline in my memory, concentration, and in general focus and brain power over the last couple of years. So much so that at this point I am worried about my job. It has gotten so bad that everything is covered in post-it notes in the office and still things are not getting done right. I heard about supplements that help improve in this area but so far I have tried 4 and aside from the last one which is Addium the rest were less than impressive. I have spent over $400 in supplements over the past 4 years without the slightest results. I am happy to finally say that I found something that may prove to be effective.

A friend recommended this supplement. She works at a bank and after a co-worker had recommended it she gave it a try. She has been taking it for about 5 months now and says she is very happy with the results. I had just about given up on my search and was ready to simple give up and accept that things would just be this way from now on. After getting caught up in a membership program which simply disappeared but continued to charge my card and a number of other scams online I was very hesitant when ordering and made sure I did as much research as possible in advance. Here is what I’ve found and perhaps this review will help others go straight for what works rather than go down the road I did and waste a lot of money, nerves, and time.

What is Addium

This is a natural supplement which is developed to help boost the overall performance of your brain. It will help keep you focused while giving you the needed energy to get through the day and stay motivated. The developers of the supplement claim that to this day it is the most advanced formula offered on the market and has shown to be effective numerous times. It helps unlock your brain’s natural potential and gives you everything your brain needs via its all natural ingredients.


What to expect:

  • Added Energy: In many cases people suffering from memory loss, lack of focus, motivation, and concentration also experience lack of energy. Usually lack of energy is the main reason they are experiencing problems with the brain. What the supplement will do is give you a power-up for up to 6 hours allowing you to focus on the task at hand and when it’s time to head to bed you will be ready to relax and sleep. You will not experience jitters or a crash as it is all natural and there are no harmful side effects which most people experience when taking prescription medication for such issues.
  • Focus: Allowing you to focus like never before will help you complete your work without distraction while boosting your alertness so you are still aware of everything that needs your attention. You will remember more of what’s important allowing you to complete your tasks with ease and concentration.
  • Boost Brain Power: Surprisingly they also claim that it can help boost your brain power to its maximum levels by means of the natural Nootropics in the supplement. Known as the “smart drug”, Nootropics are claimed to help boost overall performance and general brain activity.


Overall, I think these are all great benefits, especially if they can deliver. Each and every one of these is something that I could really use, especially lately as things are getting more and more difficult. What I really liked is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product 100%, though I admit that I have not actually tried it out to confirm that they really honor it.

How does Addium Work

Personally, it took me some time to grasp the fact that taking a supplement could help improve my memory, concentration, focus, and overall brain power. Today they offer an array of supplements for everything from thinning hair to weight loss so it was more or less expected for them to figure out a pill to boost brain power. With that said, I think that their claims and in general claims of similar websites are a bit exaggerated which is more or less why people have completely stopped believing them. I do think that to an extent though they do tell the truth. In the official website they claim that this supplement will help make you more efficient by boosting mental energy and overall alertness. This ensures that you focus on the most important things at hand rather than your mind being jumbled up causing you to lose concentration and forget things. The mental energy as well as the physical energy you will receive from it is nothing like the energy you get from energy drinks and coffee but an alternative which does not cause you to crash or have jitters while allowing you to use 100% of your brain’s potential.

Behind the scenes of this supplement is what they call Nootropics. They are known to help improve the way the neurotransmitter acetylcholine works through cholinergic receptors. They help in the stimulation of NMDA glutamate receptors which are an essential part of learning and the main memory processes. Nootropics also have an important influence over neuronal and vascular functions which helps boost your overall cognitive function. You will receive a natural source of pure energy thus staying more focused and motivated during the day.


What is in Addium

Knowing that there is a full list of ingredients I am happy that I can research each before I even order. This is especially important because you want to make sure that they are safe as well as effective. I have not only researched them in general but have gone deep into forums and a number of websites where they discuss their uses.

List of Supplements:

  • Tyrosine: numerous benefits including aiding in the development of neurotransmitters which help you stay focused by promoting alertness.
  • GABA: known for its numerous benefits and I have seen it before in a number of other products. Has shown effectiveness by inhibiting a neurotransmitter which causes the brain to become over excited and lose focus thus allowing you to stay concentrated.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: helps cognitive function, improves memory, and overall brain performance by boosting blood flow in the brain
  • Alpha GPC: maintains the function of neurotransmission and improves cognition
  • Vinpocetine: increases ATP energy production which helps improve visualization of glucose in the brain
  • Huperzine A: inhibits acetylcholinesterase which breaks down acetylcholine


Honestly, I would have preferred a supplement facts sheet so as to better understand what is in the supplement and research it not only through list of names but the amount of each ingredient in the supplement. I am happy with what I found though and the information provided. Each ingredient has been carefully researched to confirm it is safe to take and effective. As with all other supplements or any medication you take I still recommend you speak with your doctor before taking the supplement to make sure it is suitable and safe for you as underlying health problems could cause different reactions in the body from the ingredients.


Buying Addium

So, we got to the point of buying. If you are interested there is only one way to purchase the supplement and that is through the official website. I admit, I searched high and low hoping to find it elsewhere so I can buy from somewhere I completely trust or better yet from an actual physical store. Unfortunately it is exclusively sold at their official website. What I did like though is that they don’t have a membership program which auto-ships a new bottle of the supplement every month and charges you without your knowledge. With this website all you do is order the number of bottles you want and that’s it. No further charges. No scams. Nothing.

Prices and Packages

  • 1 bottle – $39.95
  • 2 bottles – $64.95
  • 3 bottles – $89.95


For each order you will be charged $4.95 for shipping and handling.


Honestly, I was impressed by the price. I expected it to be much higher especially considering the other supplements I have tried in the past. I honestly didn’t think it would be this cheap. This of course, raised more skepticism in me, naturally. But perhaps the goal with this product unlike the scams is to actually introduce you to something that really works and is set at a real price rather than spending $100 once for a product that never works. They want real, long term customers not to scam you once and find the next victim. Or at least that’s how I see it, perhaps I am wrong.


Other Reviews on Addium Online

I have done some added research in hopes to find more information about the product. Well, I wanted to see what others had to say about it as well. I discovered that there are plenty of reviews of it. Some were positive, but looked paid and more like advertisements rather than reviews, while others were down-right horrid and said that this is the worst product they have tried. What I realized though is in the negative reviews they always offer a different similar product as an alternative which leads me to believe that perhaps they are not negative reviews from experience but rather a means to slip their own product through bad reviews for the competition. I found this to be a common practice among supplements and it flows over into the comments and even forums. I realized this when I noted several comments and forum post replies that were absolutely identical while the name of the commenter has changed. I recommend you stick to medical reviews and studies and be careful when reading up on a product in comments and forums.

Did Addium Work for Me?

Well, I have to be honest. I did not really experience much the first week. When I said they exaggerated a bit when I first started writing this review I wasn’t kidding. Though gradually I started feeling better and better improving my focus and getting more work done it certainly wasn’t like a light bulb was lit over my head overnight. I did experience the boost of energy about an hour after taking it the first time though which was more than enough to convince me that I liked it.

About a week into starting the supplement I realized the effects. I was waking more motivated after a good night’s sleep and while at work I gradually started removing the post-it notes on my desk and working more towards trusting my memory. While working I felt more concentrated and enthusiastic about getting my work done and in general focusing better and finishing what I had started.

I have been taking the supplement for about 3 months now. After the first month was over I re-ordered but instead of the single bottle I decided to save some money and get a full 3 bottle package. I got sick for about 2 weeks at one point about a month ago and since I was on a lot of medication I decided to stop the supplement until I was better as well as to give it a final test. I did not experience withdrawals or any side effects or problems. Nothing of the sort. I actually think that some of the benefits of taking it didn’t diminish while I was not taking it but can’t really hold me to that as I spent most of my time in bed trying to recover.

Do I Recommend it?

From my experience I can say that this really is an effective product. I would recommend it to friends if they tell me they have problems with memory, concentration, and focus. With that said, what I recommend more is for you to research Addium, to check out the ingredients and confirm what the website claims, and see for yourself it is the supplement for you.


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